Monday, March 2, 2009

Any regrets?

Someone just asked me the other day if I have any regrets in life...and I had to think about it. Now I am done thinking about it, yes, I do have regrets.

  • I regret being a friend to my so-called friends (not meaning stephanie or jill.) Those people who I called my *friends* were not my friends at all and only hung out with me because of my ex. Oh well, they were all trashy.
  • I wish I hung out with another croud in highschool.
  • I regret not letting Sam Woodard touch me & kiss me more during classes, especially movie time :)
  • I regret not telling KENNY PARKS that I had a huge crush on him and I loved our long hugs and kisses we would give eachother in the courtyard, and 2004 pool at Graduation Night. "GRAD NIGHT" We kissed underneith the pool, and infront of some friends! Its making me smile just thinking about it.I do wonder where I would be if I did tell him that I liked him. I still have a crush on him to this day. He is married, but to this day, I still think about him.
  • I regret dating my ex for 6 1/2 years. I knew it wouldn't last when nathan was only a month old. I should have broken up with him then.
  • I regret being friends with my ex's wife.

Then they asked me if I have anything I DO NOT regret, and yep, tons!

  • I do not regret kissing CHRIS LOMAN at all. Even though he is a scum bucket, I don't regret kissing him at all. Especially since "ex" and I were still dating!
  • I do not regret letting JON BANKS fall asleep with me on the bus from "GRAD NIGHT" and on the picknic table.
  • I do not regret flirting with CASEY MILLER when my so-called friends and I hung out at Rainbow Springs and we got into a messy food fight!
  • I regret not letting SAM WOODARD do stuff with me because I was dating "ex" at the time. I should have not stopped him. I should have been a very bad, bad girl! lol
  • I do not regret letting PATRICK COBLE dance with me in the courtyard to our song "I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOVE" every single day.
  • I do not regret SPENCER CONTACT kissing me.
  • I do not regret hugging and kissing KENNY PARKS, especially after giving me his shorts so I could go swimming and kiss him underneith the water. It was our special secret. I miss him so much!
  • I do not regret getting pregnant...just wish the father was someone else!

Now, I know it might sound like I was a w****, but trust me, I wasn't. I didn't cheat on my ex after school. And even though he did cheat on me with KERA, MINDI, LINDSAY, KATIE,MELISSA,GREEN,GIRL AT KICKBOXING, CRISTINA AND GOD ONLY KNOWS WHO ELSE, i pamela did not cheat!


Tali G said...

I heard you loud and clear on that one...I think everyone has some kind of regret some people are unwilling to admit them and some people have huge regrets.

Having friends that aren't really there for you is a total bummer...been there lots of times.

Lori said...

i love the last line. i am sorry u were heartbroken and having regrets sucks. i am glad it took u a minute to pull them out now put them back and live each day fully. dont make anymore regrets if u can help it. try to enjoy the small moments of each day because they slip by so fast.

Sarah said...

I'm glad your "no regrets" list was longer. It's hard when you find out your friends are not the people you think they are.